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This page displays the status of critical Cirium systems. Confirmed incidents will be published here. For API information visit our Developer Center. For immediate assistance please contact Cirium Help Desk. Subscribe to updates using RSS or Atom.

Past Incidents

6th July 2019

Planned essential maintenance on the Cirium UK services - Saturday 6th July 2019, scheduled 4 months ago

Cirium Dashboard, Fleets Analyzer and Values Analyzer will be undergoing planned maintenance on Saturday 6th July 2019 between 7am - 3pm BST.
Although we do not expect any downtime, there might be a small effect on performance during these times. If you have any questions or need to raise an issue please contact us at

5th July 2019

Developer Center API Usage Statistics Issue (FIXED)

Issues with viewing the Analytics Dashboard in the Developer Center to track customer API usage has been resolved.

4th July 2019

No incidents reported

3rd July 2019

Developer Center API Usage Statistics Issue (UPDATE)

We are still awaiting a resolution from our upstream vendor and hope to have a fix in place within the next business day.

Developer Center API Usage Statistics Issue

API customers may encounter issues with viewing their API usage statistics in the Developer Center. This appears to be an upstream vendor issue and we have filed a ticket to investigate. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

2nd July 2019

No incidents reported

1st July 2019

FlightStats Analytics Tableau Online Worbooks (FIXED)

FlightStats Tableau Analytics is now back online. Please contact the Help Desk if you encounter any further issues.

FlightStats Analytics Tableau Online Worbooks

We are performing unplanned maintenance on FlightStats Tableau Analytics due to a data warehouse issue. We are investigating and will provide another update by 5:00 PM UTC -7. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Flex APIs SSL Certificate Update (COMPLETE)

We have successfully updated our SSL certificate on While this has not affected most customers, if you are verifying our certificate using a locally stored copy you will need to obtain a new certificate from us. Please contact our Help Desk if you are performing this extra verification, and we will assist you with obtaining a copy of our latest certificate.

28th June - Dashboard, Fleets and Values Analyzer IE11 performance issues is resolved

On 27th June Users of Dashboard, Fleets and Values Analyzer were experiencing blank pages when using IE11. The services performed as expected on all other supported browsers. The issue was resolved on Friday 28th June. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused to users of IE11.

30th June 2019

No incidents reported