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This page displays the status of critical Cirium systems. Confirmed incidents will be published here. For API information visit our Developer Center. For immediate assistance please contact Cirium Help Desk. Subscribe to updates using RSS or Atom.

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7th June 2019

No incidents reported

6th June 2019

No incidents reported

5th June 2019

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4th June 2019

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3rd June 2019

Fixed: Diio Autocomplete Filters

The issue has been fixed

2nd June 2019

No incidents reported

1st June 2019

Diio Autocomplete Filters

We recently updated our airport look up tables and depending on the browser, you may experience issues where the autocomplete filters do not load correctly (you'll notice the text boxes are smaller and theres no colorful bubbles for airport/airline codes).

Try going into your browser settings and refreshing your cache. Once thats done refresh the page and be sure to let the page load completely.

If that still doesn't work, an immediate work around would be to go to User-> Account Settings and change Autocomplete filters to "Traditional".